Poor Frisbee Technique Provokes Verbal Onslaught from Friends

A MAN has invited abuse after poorly throwing a frisbee to his friends, it has emerged.

Andrew from Bristol has been left stunned and bemused at the abuse he has received after taking part in a casual game of frisbee at his local park.

“It was a Monday, a bank holiday in fact, so we decided it would be a good idea to have a day out at the park. It was great, we had a few beers and some fun laughs, it was actually warm in Bristol for once, everything was perfect.”

“Ryan decided it would be fun to throw a frisbee around, I too believed this to be a good idea, with the potential to actually be a fantastic idea.”

However, after his first throw, it was clear Andrew hadn’t done this before. “I thought, it’s the first throw, no one’s good at sex the first time, this is natural.” Though after four consistently terrible throws, the insults began to come thick and fast.

“At first I just shrugged it off, water of the duck’s back. But then after a while it became ridiculous, some of the comments directed towards me were just unforgivable.”

Andrew’s friend Luke was one of the accusers: “It was funny at first, then it started to really piss me off.” He bickered, swirling a can of Jack Daniels and Coke.

“He started to blame it on the alcohol, but he’d been drinking Old Mout, which everyone knows is just the alcoholic equivalent to Schloer.”

“It’s disgraceful, we wanted to invite some girls over, everyone knows frisbee is great ice-breaker but we couldn’t because of Andrew’s appalling hand-eye coordination and general douche-baggery.”

Andrew agreed to ‘sit this one out’ after a group of girls entered the fray, putting Andrew’s masculinity into question.

“Frisbee’s shit anyway.”



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