Men Crossing Their Legs Definitely Still Gay

A MAN confirms men who cross their legs are obviously gay

When speaking to Benjamin Thorne, he made it clear to us that he was definitely not homophobic, as he was wearing a pink Lacoste polo-neck. When asked how he was able to justify his leg crossing theory, it was clear that it was backed up with proper 100% man science.

“It’s a practice that has been going on since year 8 and it’s still the best way to detect if someone is gay or straight.”

According to Benjamin, judging someone on their leg flexibility is obviously a bulletproof way to auto-assign sexual preference.

“Sitting with your legs wide open is the sign of a real man, it shows that you’re not afraid to get kicked straight in the crotch.”

Benjamin has stated that men are allowed to to rest their ankle on their knee, however.

“There’s a huge difference between thigh-to-thigh relationships and ankle-to-knee relationships. Once you’ve found out you have the ability to overstretch your leg over your other leg, you’ve basically turned gay.”

Ben admits that girls are allowed to cross their legs in this way, however. Though, he hasn’t fully comprehended why some girls cross their legs like ‘real men.’

“Being gay is all about science, and mob mentality is also a key factor for determining sexual preference. For example, if you’re in a room surrounded by men and one of them crosses their legs in the ‘gay way’ and everyone says your gay, then you’re gay. Even if you didn’t think you were gay.”

Ben’s future project hopes to uncover the reasons why some men deem it acceptable to cry.




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