Sand Street Car Park Misses Opportunity to Become Gladiator Arena

SAND STREET car park has missed a golden opportunity

Blake Dempsey believes that we are still searching for an adequate replacement for Liquid, which closed down in 2009. Speaking about Sand Street’s ‘renovation’ Blake admits feeling betrayed:

“I just assumed they were making it into some sort of battle arena. With the new paint job and the fact they still haven’t sorted out the incredibly dangerous multi-floor exit system, I just assumed a much larger scheme was in the works here.”

The 14-floor structure provides ample room for chaos, anarchy and laughs. The architects of the Chaos Arena (formally known as Sand Street car park) state they have no plans to alter the structure, though Blake has had other thoughts.

“Picture this, we herd in 20 politicians and 20 ordinary people, arm them with paintball guns, mini cardboard tanks and then tell them the tax rate is rising.

Instant entertainment.”

Blake claims the idea is the perfect response after the tragic loss of The Living Legend.

“You could even open it up after everywhere closes at 2am. Think of the nutcases that would stumble in after a mad night at Koko. You’d get everyone from the prepubescent teen high off lemonade to the weird part-time cashier at the Co-op who knows too much about lighters.”

Blake does admit that he and many other residents are still clueless as to why the lift that looks as if it belongs in a budget horror film hasn’t received the same innovative paint scheme.

“And they still haven’t sorted out that woman who never manages to fit her pram in it.”



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